Industrial Control

A complete range of products, including IGBT modules, diode modules, hybrid SiC modules and full SiC modules, is available to meet the needs of industrial control applications with different voltages, currents and topologies.

New Energy Vehicles

Applied to new energy vehicle motor controllers, offering 950V and 1200V voltage levels of IGBT and Full SiC modules, which have passed the AQG324 test and are suitable for batch vehicle installation.

Rail Transit

Traction auxiliary converters for rail vehicles, covering the voltage classes 1200V and 1700V, current range 900A-1500A, with ultrasonic welding and silver sintering processes to meet the vibration and long life requirements of the vehicles.

Smart Grid

Developed according to the needs of the power generation, transmission, substation and consumer side of the smart grid, they cover 1200V and 1700V voltage levels and are characterised by a large safe working area and high reliability.


For the typical application topology of PV inverters, NPC and ANPC three-level modules with SiC chips inside are launched to improve the efficiency and reliability of PV inverters.

Wind Turbines

For wind turbine application scenarios, covering 1200V and 1700V voltage levels, and 900A-1500A current range, using fine trench grid IGBT chips, AlN DBC ultrasonic welding, polyimide coating and other technologies to improve the reliability of the module.

Energy Storage

DC/DC boost, LLC and H-bridge DC/AC inverters can be applied in the field of energy storage, and power integration modules (PIM) and SiC MOSFET discrete devices are developed to achieve the development goal of "High Safety, Low Cost and Sustainability".

Home Appliances

Applied to the high efficiency, miniaturisation and ease of use requirements of white goods, we are launching 650V and 1200V Intelligent Power Modules (IPM) and SiC discrete device products with low loss, high integration, perfect protection and simple drive.

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