Technical advantages

Chip R&D

BYSM has a complete simulation design platform for IGBT and SiC chips, and the simulation results have been able to guide the product design; BYSM's chip design team comes from the industry's leading companies, with rich experience in product design and process, and through the collaborative design of module design, module process and application engineers, we are able to maximize the power density and performance of the modules to meet the needs of different applications.

Module Design

BYSM has a complete power module design capability, and has built a module electrical, magnetic, thermal and stress simulation platform, which can jointly simulate and optimize the homogeneous flow, thermal field and parasitic parameters of concern to module design, and the simulation results have guided the product design and been verified by experiments.

Module Packaging

Thanks to the key process equipment of international first-tier brands and strict process control, BYSM's products have better soldering void rate and bonding reliability than the level of peers. The automated production line ensures the consistency of the products, and the application of advanced technology ensures the leading performance.

Module Evaluation

BYSM has complete power module electrical test and analysis capabilities, and has developed module test methods and standards to accurately measure various module characteristics at different temperatures. With the module load testing platform, BYSM can conduct test and evaluation according to the customer's application conditions and provide module selection suggestions.

Reliability Test

BYSM has complete IGBT module reliability testing and analysis capabilities, and has formulated corresponding test methods and standards for modules under different application conditions. Through the analysis of failed modules, optimization of chip and module design and materials, the reliability of modules is better than the level of peers.

Failure Analysis

The company's Failure Analysis team members come from leading companies in the industry and have rich experience in application analysis, allowing us to perform system level analysis on modules, chips and materials.

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