Rail Transit

Application Overview

The core power electronic devices of traction converter and various auxiliary converters for rail transit vehicles perform AC-DC-AC conversion. During traction, the traction converter converts the AC power from the pantograph into AC power with adjustable voltage and frequency to drive the traction motor; during braking, it feeds back the AC power generated by the motor to the power grid, which is characterized by high voltage level and high power.

Product Advantages

Compared with peer products, the competitiveness of BYSM products is reflected in:

In terms of performance: the Company's IGBT chip technology against competitor IGBT4 products, IGBT7 products are undergoing reliability assessment; through the optimization of the structural design, the Company's module has a small parasitic parameters, low thermal resistance and multi-chip parallel flow characteristics of good. The overall performance of the products is at the domestic leading level.

In terms of price: Relying on the advanced chip design technology and the good control experience of the strategic cooperation wafer foundry, the chip area and yield rate are in the international leading level, so the chip cost has an advantage. At the same time, relying on the company's automatic packaging production line, the product consistency and yield is guaranteed. The above two aspects ensure the price of the company's module products are competitive in the market.

In terms of reliability: the Company's module products are strictly in accordance with the corresponding quality level for assessment, such as industrial grade products in accordance with IEC60747, automotive grade products in accordance with AQG324 standards for assessment. At the same time, in order to ensure the consistency of the product, the Company has increased the frequency of welding voids testing and bonding line push and pull testing, and added SOA and short circuit testing to ensure the reliability of the product..

Meanwhile, in the competition with peers, BYSM's differentiated competitive advantages are reflected in:

1. Define the requirements of chips and modules according to the application, and gradually occupy each market;

IGBT chip and module design are required to compromise design, such as saturation voltage drop and turn-off loss compromise, short-circuit tolerance and chip area compromise, module life and packaging material cost compromise, to meet different application requirements, to ensure product competitiveness while reducing production costs.

Through the above ways, BYSM has continually occupied the domestic market of welding machine, industrial inverter and servo control. This year, the company will endeavor to occupy a place in the new energy vehicles and photovoltaic market, and become a leading enterprise in this field through 2-3 years.

2. 100% electrical parameter tests are carried out in the module factory to ensure application reliability;

Before shipment, BYSM IGBT modules are implemented complete electrical parameter tests, including normal and high temperature dynamic and static tests, RBSOA tests, short circuit tests, etc., to ensure application reliability.

3. A complete development process of IGBT chips and modules is established to ensure product reliability;

Through several years' efforts, BYSM has established a complete development process for IGBT chips and modules, and formulated reliability test standards and methods to ensure product reliability.

4. Rejecting early failures through screening in high-reliability application fields to reduce application failure rate;

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