• 10μs Short Circuit current

  • Low saturation voltage

  • Low turn-off losses

  • Positive temperature coefficient

  • Free wheeling diodes with fast and soft reverse recovery

  • Industrial standard package with copper base plate


  • Servo Drives

  • Solar Applications

  • UPS Systems Systems

  • Motor Drives

  • High Power Converters

  • Commercial Agricultural Vehicles

  • Three-Level Applications

  • Frequency Converters

  • Plasma Cutting Machines

  • Welding Machines

  • Induction Heating

  • Plating Power Supplies

Internal Circuit Diagram

Specification Parameters

LWG100H12S4L1200V ± 20100A2.80V24.7mJ150℃560W2 Pack62mmNPT
LWG150H12S4L1200V ± 20150A2.80V32.8mJ150℃820W2 Pack
LWG200H12S4L1200V ± 20200A3.10V41.0mJ150℃1100W2 Pack
LWG300H12S4L1200V ± 20300A3.10V56.0mJ150℃1600W2 Pack
LWG100H12E4L1250V ± 30100A1.65V31.2mJ175℃517W2 PackTrench FS
LWG150H12E4L1250V ± 30150A1.65V39.2mJ175℃750W2 Pack
LWG200H12E4L1250V ± 30200A1.65V48.0mJ175℃1071W2 Pack
LWG300H12E4L1250V ± 30300A1.65V66.0mJ175℃1363W2 Pack
LWG400H12E4L1250V ± 30400A1.65V89.0mJ175℃2050W2 Pack
LWG100H12W4L1200V ± 20100A2.25V24.7mJ175℃560W2 PackTrench
LWG150H12W4L1200V ± 20150A2.00V32.8mJ175℃750W2 Pack
LWG200H12W4L1200V ± 20200A2.00V41.0mJ175℃1071W2 Pack
LWG300H12W4L1200V ± 20300A2.00V56.0mJ175℃1363W2 Pack
LWG400H12W4L1200V ± 20400A2.00V75.0mJ175℃2050W2 Pack

Industry Applications

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